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Nancy integrates her experience in Engineering, Human Resources, Leadership and Organizational Development combined with her coaching to relate to her clients and develop programs customized to meet their specific needs. She works with both professional men and women in technical fields. She has spent over 20 years in the Aerospace Industry.  She gets the technical professionals, speaks their language and works with them to develop their interpersonal, leadership, and life skills.

Where are the women going? One of the areas I am passionate about is the retention of women in technical fields. Having worked as an engineer and in HR/Talent Management for engineering companies, I am in tune to the unique challenges women face and many times they leave, not because they don’t love what they do, but because they don’t have the role models, mentors, support and the strategies to deal with the challenges they face.


If we are going to be competitive and expand the diversity of engineering solutions, women are an important part and retaining them is critical. Diverse teams expand possibilities.

Coaching Professional Working Moms:

Customized Programs to meet the needs of your organization.

1:1 coaching for all levels (individual contributor to Executive level)

Group Coaching Programs

Workshops and Training based on her favorite topics

Leadership Development Program

Mentoring Programs

Dealing with StressGroup Coaching Programs

Corporate Programs Customized to meet the needs of the organization:

Executive Coaching

Coaching Program Teams

Assessments and 360 Assessments

Leadership Development

High Potential Development

Performance Management Programs

Corporate Wellbeing based on the COR.E Wellbeing Dynamics Program