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Nancy Kobel’s Energy Connection Process

Step 1. Energy Connection

Step 2. True Desires

Step 3. Values and Passions

Step 4. Your Authentic Self

Step 5. Healing Your Voice

Step 6. Tools

Step 7. More Fun & Moving Forward!

Are you ready to enjoy your life now? Not someday when…

Energy Connection Process


Are you ready to raise your own level of consciousness?  To get insight into what is holding you back?  Are you constantly going, doing, being for everyone else but yourself? Ready to get off the treadmill? Exhausted? Overwhelmed? Running? What if there was a better way? a different way?

The energy connection process includes the energy leadership indextm assessment, which gives you an e-factor, and a 75 minute debrief session with me.  Your unique e-factor will shine a light on where your energy is under normal circumstances and what happens when you experience chaos and overwhelm (aka: stress!). High e-factors are associated with less stress and more satisfaction in all areas of life (relationships, career, finances, spirituality, family, and more), so we’ll also figure out how you can raise your e-factor.

4 Hour Coaching Intensive

Focused time on you, on you your desires away from the chaos and the noise of everyday life. Time to dig deep, nurture yourself and create a plan to move forward.

What is included:
  • Energy Connection Process, which includes the Energy Leadership Index and Strategy Session
  • Dig deep into your values, desires and goals
  • Development of an Action Plan
  • Private Coaching Portal

90 Day Package

The 90 Day Journey: We will explore who you really are and what you truly desire, releasing guilt, defining clear boundaries and increasing confidence and you step into your authentic power.

Connection, Energy and Fun! Are you ready to step off the treadmill; Redefine your desires and create a plan to live a life you love NOW … not someday when…..?

What is included:

  • Energy Connection Process
  • 12 Sessions
  • Private Coaching Portal
  • Unlimited Email Support
  • Welcome Package and more